About Me

Darija Wiswell, RD, LDN

The Real Food RD

The first thing you should know about me is that the 'j' in my first name is silent.  So you can just imagine that it says Daria (Dar-ree-ya).  See?  It's pretty simple, really.

My interest in nutrition, which started at a young age.  I was not a healthy child growing up and I kept coming back to the thought that there had to be a connection between the food that we put into our bodies and the way we feel.  Not that this thought stopped me from eating only dinner rolls and butter for dinner.  The knowledge of what to eat to nourish my body came much later.

My quest to feel good and stay healthy became a hobby at first and then career choice to pursue in college.  I've enjoyed blending the science of how the body works with the history of food cultures and adapting that for modern life.

Now I get to share my passion with others as a Registered, Licensed Dietitian.