Friday, June 29, 2012

Why 'Real Food'?

For a long time now, food has gotten more and more processed and high tech and decidedly "unreal".  Ever since the science of nutrition began and the first vitamins were discovered, we've been trying to pick foods apart and isolate their functions.  In fact, there have been many who have speculated about a future in which we no longer cook and gather a variety of foods for meals.  Instead we would consume laboratory prepared pellets with all the perfectly balanced nutrition we need.

That future is quite absurd because eating food and sharing mealtimes with others are some of life's greatest pleasures.  Unfortunately however, for many, eating has become a battleground for fighting off advertising, calorie counting, label scrutinizing, hyper-palatable food temptations and so much confusion.

I turn to the concept of 'Real Food' because it's the simplest way I can think of to convey eating, in the way that you were meant to, in a way that's gentle with yourself and not judging and weighing and measuring.  Real Foods aren't generally processed and packaged.  Real Foods don't get advertised or branded.  Real Foods often don't even have much in the way of a nutrition label.  

Real Foods might make my job as a dietitian and little harder to analyze, but they more than make up for it in being able to promote health and well-being in those that take the time to find out the Real Foods that nourish them.